Saturday, May 25, 2013

Good Evening,
I must apologize for not writing on the blog for a while, but the computer decided to die.
So I had to get another computer . It is a Lenovo, all in one, and so far its working great. All thought it has a new lay out which I have to learn, darn.
Well enough of that. I'm glad I'm back.

The trees are all with leaves, the flowers are changing daily. I noticed today the Iris were in bloom. The blackberries are in full bloom, we should have a bumper crop. Haven't planted my veggies yet, its been rainy and very windy but hope to get them planted this coming week.

Speaking of water color, I have students ask me about drawing. My feeling is, it would be nice to draw before painting, but if you can't that shouldn't stop you from painting. A quick way to Transfer a picture (lets say you to took) is to make your own transfer paper, which is easy to do.
1. Cover one side of your paper with graphite using a 2B pencil. Zigzag across the paper covering it completely. Then repeat this process going in the opposite direction, crisscrossing the other pencil lines.

2.You then dampen a piece of cotton ball with rubbing alcohol and wipe across the graphite lightly. The rubbing of alcohol evens out the graphite and binds it to the paper. Let the paper dry.

3. With the graphite paper side facing down, place the transfer paper down on the watercolor paper then place your picture up on top of the transfer paper. Tape the sheets down. Using a regular pencil trace your picture on to the watercolor paper. Now your ready to paint. If you feel the pencil lines are to dark, remove some with a kneaded eraser, by pressing the eraser down on to the pencil lines.

This is a great way to transfer pictures, so I hope you'll give it a try.

So until next time, have a great week-end.

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