Saturday, June 1, 2013

Here it is the 1st of JUNE, where did May go?
And the weather has been something else with all these storms across our country.
I hope that the Hurricanes won't be the same. It looks like were in global warming.

Well are you ready for summer?
I don't think I am, except for my fresh veggies from the garden which I'm waiting on.
I think as we get older vacation in the summer time isn't has important as when we were younger. I know we couldn't wait till summer time, so we could go to the beach or visit one of our relatives or even go on a special trip. But now I can vacation when ever, so summer isn't that important as relaxation as it was.

As for our activities lately, I've been hooked up with Pinterest , Post crossing and Swap-Bot.
They are all very addictive, I'll have to warn you, but a lot of fun.

Today I want to share with you another Artsy thing.
When wanting to transfer an image you can do so by stamping.
You first coat the surface of the object ( example a leaf) with a heavy watercolor wash.
Press the painted object to the paper. cover with paper towels and rub with your finger to transfer the moist paint from the object to the paper. Remove object and paper and let it dry.
After it dries , enhance with brush work and ink for more detail.
This is a good time to make prints of different things that grow in your yard, such as leaves from trees, plants and flowers. These are for future paintings, so get busy and start your collection.

So until next time, I hope you'll enjoy these little tips and work on you water color painting.

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